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Using coupon code CJD2012 you are able to save 10% on each and every order. Shipping is free on all orders above $59. FragranceX offers worldwide shipping & is currently #1 in our perfume store comparison chart.

If you are looking for affordable, quick and easy fragrance shopping, you have come to the right place. Here at I have tested various online perfume stores and rated them according their performance. I hope you find it useful for your needs - feel free to holler at me
@Perfume_Reviews Twitter account. Please note that I don't review perfumes - site like ROP Perfume reviews and Cologne reviews do so.

My best online perfume stores list

Rank Store name Pricing Shipping Reputation Costumer support Overall score Read full review Visit store
#1 FragranceX 9.7/10 10/10 9/10 10/10 9.2/10 Read review Visit!
#2 8.7/10 10/10 10/10 10/10 9/10 Read Amazon's review Visit
#3 Perfume Worldwide 9.1/10 8/10 2/10 8/10 7.4/10 Read review Visit Perfume Worldwide!
#4 PerfumeEmporium 8.2/10 7/10 2/10 8/10 7/10 Read review Visit PerfumeEmporium!
#5 Bathe and Beauty 6/10 3/10 3/10 3/10 4/10 No review
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A little more about the list

This is the thing I had in mind when I created the list, and prior to all testing. This were my expectations.
Spotless reputation Useful costumer support Cheap prices Discount codes & periodic sales availble Wide selection of fragrances Selection of other fashion and beauty products available Easy to shop
I set the bar high so only the best ones would pass it, and most of the fragrance shop I tested were far from it. As you can see in the table, only Amazon really stands up to its reputation. Other stores featured here are also do-able, and you can probably find some seasonal sales there, but as rule of thumb for online perfume and cologne shopping - Amazon takes it all. ...Scroll down for full reviews.
My #1:FragranceX.comFragaranceX is a monster in the perfumery world. They have great pricing, a bonus code available on demand, and wonderful seasonal sales.
Pricing: Here I also used Google product search engine and it seems that on average, FragranceX delivers it time after time. They are usually among the cheapest stores, especially for low-end perfumes like Tommy, and considering their 10% off discount - they provide great value for your money. Considering their coupon code CJD2012 that provides you with a solid 10% on all products, their prices are unbeatable in the current online perfume store landscape.
Shipping: I have never had any problem with FragranceX shipping (read below), and I am happy to announce that
Reputation: Bizrate has rated them as a great merchant, and I never had any personal trouble with them. The only thing that seperates them from Amazon is the fact they have been in existance for only a few years while Amazon has been around for much longer.
Costumer service: Never had real issues with them, but when I needed, costumer service was available by Email and response was professional. They also have a toll-free number with genuine American staff answering all calls.
Bottom line: I have used FragranceX dozens of times, from different locations around the world. I have never, not even once, experienced any misfortune from their behalf. An important concept to the site is that shipping would be available worldwide and I even managed to test it. I ordered fragrances from fragranceX to both US soil (NYC) and European grounds (Milano, Italy). Shipping was quick and affective to both locations. As a newbie in the perfume industry, I had quite a few inquiries for the site's support team - I was always treated in a respectful manner and got sensible answers from FragranceX staff. FragranceX offers a giant inventory, from various manufacturers. With their new billing offer (subject to credit analysis) where you can split your payments to up to six months, they really are a dream that came true for all fragrance fans.
Visit FragranceX today. is the leading online store, alongside ebay, for all existing products. They have the most exquisite design, an unmatchable ease of use, large inventory and prices that cannot be beat.
Pricing: Fragrances on cost, on average, 30% less than what they do in stores in the United States. That is, for most part, 40% off the average price in Europe and the rest of the world. I tried to run Google product search engine to find the cheapest price for more than several items, and have always come up with Amazon having the lowest price for the product.
Shipping: Amazon ships merchanise worldwide, in a timely manner and with close to 0 mistakes. They are the world's largest online store, so they know their stuff.
Reputation: Amazon is the most known brand among all online fragrance stores. They have perfect rating everywhere - BBB has rated them as A+ but this is really unnecessary to dig into it. They are a multi-million company - the exact opposite of a scam.
Costumer service: Amazon is reachable by Email, Phone, Chat and Ticket. They respond promptly and in a polite manner. Amazon has the all-so-known American attitude where the costumer's ALWAYS right.
Bottom line: No one can beat Amazon for pricing, reputation, ease of use nor even seasonal sales (check them out on Xmas, and be surprised to find yourself spending half of what you used to).
Visit Amazon by clicking here
My #3:PerfumeWorldWide.comPerfumeWorldWide has to be one of the most well stores, with a large inventory and superb coupon codes.
Pricing: Good seasonal sales but compared to FragranceX and Amazon, they are expensive (Still a great price compared to land-based stores).
Shipping: Went smooth for me.
Reputation: Big slap on the wrist. SiteJabber users call it the worst shopping experience they had. Now, I can't tell if these are true reviews or not, but for my own blog's reputation, I must inform ya'll about this.
Costumer service: Well they do keep a toll-free number, which is great, but when I tried to call it, I couldn't hear anything (could be a line thing on my part). The chat option is almost always closed. But overall if you send them an email, you will get your reply.
Bottom line: I tried to use twice in my lifetime. One time I was located in mainland Europe and another time I was in NY area. Both times went smooth and I got my products very promptly. I was extremely satisfied with and when I had a question regarding shipping (wanted to know if they would use UPS for that), they came back to me swiftly and in a very polite manner explaining all details regarding the query I had. Pricing-wise, I got great deals and they proved as the cheapest place to buy from. They offer dropshipping services for other merchants, and as such, they have to remarkabley cheap - and still well beneath the average retail price. Selection is undoubtly amazing. Each manufacturer and every perfume listed in my top fav list exists there. It is safe to say this is one of the most comprehensive perfume stores online. There are two downsides in in compared to FragranceX - Coupon codes don't always work. Even though PerfumeWorldWide has the most useful coupon codes of up to 20% discount on all orders (depending on the season) - it doesn't always work. The latest one I got is nxj20off but when I tried to use the "coupon link" that they provided me with, I got to an error page, so I can't say for sure it it works. As part of my research for this page, I digged deep into existing costumer reviews. The absolute most of them were highly positive but I reckon a few that described horrible experiences with the store. Like anything found on the internet, I take it with a grain of salt. It could be copetitors, extremely high-standard costumers, or just bad luck that can happen once every 1000 orders.
PerfumeEmporiumPerfume Emporium is perhaps the "coolest" one of the 3 stores. The costumer area is really helpful, the flitering is much better than the first two spots on my list, seasonal discounts and offers are of higher availabillity, and it's much more pleasent to shop there. Perfume Emporium has some nice member-club offers like a mini-perfume sent to you on a monthly basis for only 8 bucks a month (you have to apply for at least 6 month for the program but it seems well worth it). They have top-lists featuring their top sold products, offers by age and it seems like behind this site stands someone with a true passion and understanding of the vertical. I have used them only once until now, and shipping went completely smooth. I didn't have to use their costumer service area, simply because the FAQ was wisely built and answered all my inquiries. I felt very content with the whole process.
Pricing: The most expensive one of the three, though, liked mentioned above, it has more sales and special bulk order deals.
Shipping: Went OK for me, but as mentioned below, there are some issues non US-based visitors might experience.
Reputation: Not enough of it. I have enoucntered a few disturbing Forum threads but that's about it. Not good.
Costumer service: See above. I have not tested this feature by myself to this point.
Bottom line: The thing that kept this store from being higher up on this list is the difficulty for international users. They do offer world-wise shipping (Else they wouldn't be listed here) but they require "verified Visa", which means that someone outside the states who want to use his Visa card for a purchase would have to go through some time-cosuming stages. Also some of their offers, like the member-club offer mentioned above, only apply for US costumers. I would say that for US costumers this is one of the best option of perfume purchase, while international users should use one of the other options listed here. Coupons and discounts: Well, Perfume Emporium has a nice permanent discount where you can Buy more and save - Get $15 off any 2 items using code FB1990. This is a pretty handy coupon that can results in 10-15% off your order. The only con of it is that if you want to get a discount you need to buy more than one product.
Most of my purchases were made while working for a frgrnc - the perfume site. You can click it and see what fragrances I chose to review and how I feel about them.
Updates and plans for the future: I will continue to test more and more perfume providers. You should contact me on my Twitter account to recommend me who shall be my next target. Overall I am pretty satisfied with the current product and I feel these reviews of fragrance stores should give you a sufficient insight into the industry, and help you choose the fragrance store fitting your needs.
Please note: the reviewed providers offer an affiliate program, where I get comission for each costumer I send them. I am using affiliate links to link to them, because I feel that I help you made a choice about them and prepare you for a safe shopping experience. IF you don't feel like I have assisted you in any way, feel free to use Google and type-in the store's name.